Session 2018/19
Tumbleleenies Ages 18 Months to 3                                                                       
A fun-filled program designed specifically for your tot.  Lots of gym games
while teaching your child basic gymnastics moves, introducing them
to a variety of gymnastics equipment. Parent participation required.

                                       45 minutes Boys and Girls  Cost/Child $129/12 weeks + tax

Drop In  Ages up to 9
A time for your tot to explore! Come in to discover the gym and try out gymnastics.
Qualified and enthusiastic coaches are ready to teach and assist with this Structure-free time.
Also great for those already in classes who would like a little more Gymnastics time.
                                                                     1 hour   Boys and Girls   Cost/Child $5/visit includes tax

Flip-a-saurs  Ages 4 and 5                                                                         
A program designed through fun oriented gymnastics activities that develop
basic movement and co-ordination using a variety of locomotion, balancing, rolling, jumping and
swinging skills in preparation for further work in gymnastics or other sports.
                                             1 hour    Boys and Girls  Cost/Child $185/12 weeks + tax

Rec My Day  Ages 6 and Older
This program emphasizes the fundamentals of gymnastics in a fun and safe environment.
Skills will be taughton bars, vault, beam, floor and rings
using a progressive evaluation system.
                                          1.5 hours    Boys and Girls Cost/Child $249/12 weeks + tax

Trampoline and Tumbling Ages 6 and Older
Following the CanJump Program. The athletes progress through 6
levels.  This program is especially good for those who want to increase
co-ordination, flexibility and strength.

                                          1.5 hours    Boys and Girls  Cost/Child $249/12 weeks + tax

Advanced Recreational  by Invitation Only                                               
For gymnastics who are in the transition to the Competitive Team. A minimum
4 hours training commitment per week is mandatory.

Adult and High School Drop-in (13+)
Semi structuret, come and join the fun using all the equipment in the gym.
                                        1.5 hours   Boys and Girls Cost/Child $10/visit includes tax

Competitive Team  by Invitation Only
For gymnasts who are entering a more advanced level of gymnastics following
the provincial stream and the code of points of the International Gymnastics Federration.
Gymnasts will participate at several competitions throughout the year.
A minimum of 4 - 12 hours training commitment per week is mandatory.

Birthday Parties Ages 2 and Older
2 hours of supervised fun, using all the gymnastics equipment in the gym.
Cost $165.00 + tax for up to 8 kids Each additional child $ 7.00 (up to 24 kids)   
Gym available:   Sat:  12:30 -  2:30 pm /  3:00 - 5:00 pm
                           Sun: 10:00 - 12:00 pm / 12:30 - 2:30 pm / 3:00 - 5:00 pm      IT`S A BLAST !!!

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